Horseshoe Bay: A Slice of Texan Paradise

We Want to be Your Roofing Company in Paradise

What is the first thing that comes to mind when the words Texas, small town, wealthy family and tight-knit community are put together?

Probably the setting to an old western film where there is nothing but heat, dust and grass balls for company. Well, the Hurd family had a completely different idea... What filled their dreams and intentions? A resort that would have the envy of the world. Moreover, that resort grew to become a home for a community of delightful, welcoming people.

The heart of this southern wonderland is the marvelous Lake Lyndon B. Johnson. The popular water-sport and yachting destination is flanked by luscious green hills, plush with clouds of bushes and trees. The images of the vast lake, the timeless architecture of the waterfronts and the greenery gives the landscape a view not too different from a Mediterranean beachfront.

Horseshoe Bay and its renowned resort are not alone along the edges of the spacious "LBJ", as the locals commonly call it. The neighboring towns, Granite Shoals, Cottonwood Shores and Marble Falls are perhaps not as glamorous, not only due to the resort but also more likely due to the sublime clay tile roofing clad properties that are popular amongst the residences that populate Applehead Island and Lighthouse Drive. Although, Marble Falls and its infamous Dead Man's Hole might occasionally challenge for the tourist spotlight.

As most people consider when spending their holiday time there, building a life and a home in Horseshoe Bay might just be the investment that gives you the perfect balance between physical/monetary value and psychological value. Homeowners with property in Applehead will probably confirm this assumption. The dreamy real estate offerings of Applehead Island averages a market price of just over $2 million per house. Some even fetching prices 5 times that. Furthermore, if the dollar-value of property is not of concern to you, you still have world-class views to enjoy for the rest of your life.

In Horseshoe Bay, everyday feels like you are on holiday.

Considering that Horseshoe Bay only began coming to its current glory under half a century ago, you have to imagine how high the standard of infrastructure would have to be in order to support the persistent development of the fledgling city. That, coupled with extremely low prices for lots, means you do not have to mull over the often-hefty prices of listings in the area. Building from ground up might just be for you, with plenty of professional contractors ready and willing to help you build your dream home, the sky is the limit.

The resorts and attractions of the area are what people tend to go out to find when taking a break from work and the constant hustle of the big city life. Therefore, it is not surprising that some of the biggest inflows of money into the community come from summer holiday bookings and tourism around the area.

Nevertheless, what happens when it is not summer, and no one is on holiday?

Through the years, the population of Horseshoe Bay has been growing consistently and gradually. The population make-up, as is the aura of the area, is uplifting. The very capable professionals heading the young families and households in the community are the pillars of the local economy and the workforce. That not only proves that it is a pleasant area to live, it also serves as evidence that working and raising a family in Horseshoe Bay is as great as the experience you get when you visit during the holidays.

When you think about it, we would all like to think of our retirement as a time in our lives where we go on permanent vacation. Horseshoe Bay boasts some of the most luxurious retirement homes in America. The amenities are considerably more akin to high end hotel package deals than old age homes for senior citizens.

Comfort is the foundation to happiness. And, happiness reigns supreme in paradise.

Texas is famous for its hospitality and valor. Horseshoe Bay, might not be the typical small Texan town, but it shows that same exuberance... with a little more sophistication.