• Asphalt / Composition
  • Metal Standing Seam
  • Concrete Tile
  • Metal / Aluminum Shake
  • Wood Shake
  • Concrete / Clay Tile
  • Vinyl Membrane
  • Rolled / Flat Roof

Types of Roofing Materials

Basic Types Of Roofing Materials 

The roof over our heads takes a lot of beating from the sun, rain, snow and wind. So make sure that you pick a material that will last you for years. You do not want to buy a material that will not last for even a year or so. Here are some of the most common roofing materials available in the market today.

The type of roofing material that most Americans are familiar with is shingles. While shingles encompass a variety of materials, it is generally used to describe overlapping rectangular material. Shingles can be made from wood (shakes), slate, asphalt (bitumen), ceramics, or composite. With the development of new materials throughout history, wood and paper-based asphalt shingles are used much less due to their risk of flammability. America's most common type of residential roofing material is the fiberglass-based asphalt shingle.

There are also the wood shingles and the asphalt shingles. The wood shingles are from the red cedar that is why it is lightweight and durable plus it is quite easy to manufacture. Your asphalt shingles meanwhile is fiberglass in its core and has a covering of asphalt and mineral granules. You can use this asphalt shingle with any kind of flashing and edging products.

Second is the corrugated metal material for roofs. This material is very durable and can serve your house for up to fifty years. Repainting the roof is part of the maintenance of this type of material. This material is available in the form of metal sheets and can come in different colors or traditionally silver in color. You can actually ask your contractor to fashion it in such a way that they look like tiles.

Third is the tile material available in ceramic, clay or concrete. Tiles are quite difficult to install since they are quite heavy. You need to reinforce your roof first before you can install this material. Ceramic tiles are best for warmer climates. We have another material called slate that is quite expensive. You will find that this is quite challenging to install as well but is very durable.

Another common type of roofing material is tile. Tile is made from a ceramic and is very brittle and easily broken, therefore should not be used in areas where large debris can fall and damage it. Tile is a very popular material in Mediterranean countries and also Southern Germany. Tile can be found across the America's as well and is common in tropical climates like Florida. Tiles are a very good protector against rain and fire and this is one of the reasons that it spread so quickly across certain regions.

Metals are also popular materials still used around the entire world. Metal roofs can range from cheap for developing countries to very expensive for affluent home owners. Metals have a lot of advantage over other types of roofing materials. Metal is resistant to almost all types of natural elements and is very energy efficient. There are a variety of metals used in roofing including (but not limited to): Aluminum, Stone-coated Steel, Copper, Galvanized Steel, Iron, and Stainless Steel.

When you are choosing what type of material to use for your new roof, make sure to look at every option available. There are many types of roofing materials and they all have advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes going off the beaten path and getting a really unique material can make your house stand out from the rest.

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